“Release and Reclaim” virtual support group

Recovering from religious indoctrination can be difficult but it doesn't have to be lonely.  You can take part in a very supportive "Release and Reclaim" virtual group.  
What do we do?  We have monthly conference CALLS for discussing subjects on our minds and providing support to each other.  We also have an online group site for our FORUM and other features.

New members are invited to post profiles, including your religious/spiritual history and story of recovery to date.  The site has profiles and discussion threads which have been very interesting.  The group members are very supportive and thoughtful.  I take an active role as a coordinator in moving discussions forward so that we are focused on healing and growth rather than simply talking about what we have been through. 

As a member you have access to:

   - Profiles of other members
   - A forum for discussion.  From our phone calls and the topics suggested so far, we’ve been discussing the following topics: relationships with friends and family in the "fold," alternative views of spirituality, creativity, sexuality, and developing new friends/social support networks.  More topics can be started, and we post information from our phone talks. 
   - Current information about upcoming events, such as Release and Reclaim retreats
   - Reports and photos from previous retreats.
   - Exercises for healing and growth related to the topics we are discussing.
   - Articles
   - Humor
   - Information on Resources such as book reviews, films, and conferences
 You are also invited to post creative writing, photos, and art of your own  

This group is for people who who have discussed their situation with me directly.  The reason for this is to have some commonality and trust.  The group is confidential like any therapy group, and I safeguard everybody's safety and privacy.   So give me a call if you are interested and we can talk about whether it’s a good fit for you.

Membership involves a subscription with a sliding scale of $10 - $30/month.

Please email me for more information or call and discuss at no obligation.  510-292-0509, mwinell [at] gmail [dot] com.
Feedback from group members:
This group has been very instrumental in my recovery from fundamentalism. It is priceless to be able to have people understand exactly what I'm going through, and many times they have dealt with the same situation themselves. I feel like I have a base of friends that I know I can go to with any struggle I am having. I know they will be there for me and help me out. It's a great feeling. It's important to know others are there at some of the lowest points in my life. It also helps me to help them out, too. I am forced to think about other issues that are brought up, and it feels good to be there for someone else.
Thanks, Tracey
Your book and this group have been a very important part of my recovery from fundamentalism. Knowing that I am not alone or crazy in the journey has been a great gift! Other's stories, questions, struggles and insights have many times come across the net with perfect timing to encourage me in something I might be struggling with or questioning on any given day. I would highly recommend the group to anyone at any stage of questioning or leaving their faith.
With gratitude, Anne