A Conversation Menu for Getting Closer

Ever want to get better acquainted with someone but wonder what to talk about? If you want to be emotionally closer, it helps to share thoughts and feelings that are deeper than the usual daily chitchat. Here's a game you can play: take turns picking questions off this list and answering them. Feel free to add questions of your own. Enjoy. (click on title to open whole list)

Getting to know you. . . .
• Tell me about an important friend that you no longer have contact with.
• Share an emotional childhood memory.

Fun Activities for Couples

Important to every relationship is time together just relaxing and having fun.  Here are some ideas for things to do.  Feel free to come up with your own as well.

Rediscover Sensuality

Techniques in Touching to Revitalize Relationships

     The skin is the most overlooked and underemployed sex organ of the human body. There are many areas of the body that you may consider nonsexual that respond pleasurably to stroking and caressing. To start developing comfort with touching and being touched, a simple massage of the skin is a good place to begin. A massage of the neck, the face, the temples, the eyes, the back, the buttocks, the legs, and even the feet may be pleasurable and nonthreatening. You may want to soak your feet in a container of soapy water while your partner massages them.

The Power of Language

I came across an article that underscores an aspect of the way I work with people on the language they use. I'd never heard of "Eprime" before but it's very interesting.

Before you try to communicate

Do you ever feel like someone else doesn’t seem to have a grasp on reality? And in particular a partner you are trying to have a relationship with?

I do a lot of work with couples and I like to tell a story before we get started on any communication skills. I believe improvements in relationship involve behavioral changes but also some profound shifts in attitude. This story illustrates Step 1.

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