Mastering Your Monster (aka your "inner critic")



Mastering Your Monster (aka your "inner critic")

 A 10-session biweekly group/class

This group is not currently scheduled; to express interest and receive an update when the group is organized, please write to drwinell [at] gmail [dot] com)



We all have inner dialogue and it’s normal to have moods and many selves.  However when your "inner critic" badgers you with negative thoughts about you and about life, you can feel very anxious and depressed.  At its worst, this is a monster voice that can be dangerous.  The good news is that this pattern can be turned around - for good.  


This class will be a group of 5-8 participants will provide support to effectively make changes.  While highly interactive, this is not a therapy group, but rather an educational group with specific content and materials.   Sessions will include mini-lectures, discussion, activities, guided imagery, and expressive methods.   Readings and exercises will be provided for “homework” as well.  Group members can expect to accomplish important personal growth and have a lot of fun too.


The group will help you: 

• Clarify personal themes and patterns of "monster talk."

• Learn and strengthen skills for self-care

• Practice methods for disarming monsters and replacing the ideas with functional ones

• Identify and work with core beliefs

• Apply research findings on happiness to build personal strengths and habits for happiness.   

• Understand useful concepts from neuroscience and human evolutionary behavior.

• Learn reliable methods for self-monitoring and change. 


Facilitator:  Marlene Winell, Ph.D., Human Development and Family Studies 

When:  TBA

Where:  Berkeley office:  1918 Bonita Ave.

Cost:  $30-$50/session or $275- $475 in advance for 10 sessions.  Financial need considered and options available.

Fee includes course manual with readings, weekly exercises, and tools.