The journey continues-beyond these pages and these signposts. The word that frequently comes to my mind is courage. Anyone can live by a formula. It's much harder to leave the straight and narrow. Yet many of us have found that we must leave. The imperative from deep within is too strong. Life beckons and to dishonor the call would be spiritual death.

So again I congratulate you for embarking. There are more areas of growth to explore. This book has been a primer, stressing the foundation principles of self-love and trust. As you learn to take care yourself, I invite you to continue exploring in the following areas:

I have come to believe that our most basic human task is to take responsibility for ourselves in a deep sense. There are many ways in which we fight and resist the job. Losing ourselves in a safe religion is one way. And there are many other methods for avoiding the naked challenge of being human. Yet the rewards are immense when we move beyond our need for security.

The gardener nurtures and protects the plant and then stands back to allow the explosion of flowering color. You owe it to yourself to blossom, to permit your child full uninhibited growth.. Just remember that taking care of a precious child can be pure delight. And who knows better than a child how to let the spirit soar.