Fun Activities for Couples

Important to every relationship is time together just relaxing and having fun.  Here are some ideas for things to do.  Feel free to come up with your own as well.

  Buy bottles of soap bubbles and go to a nice place with a view and a breeze – a beach, hillside, top of a building, etc.  Get comfortable, close your eyes, and imagine you are both about four years old.   Open your eyes, blow bubbles  and watch them fly away.  

  Go on a walk together in a pretty place and pretend you have cameras with you.   Take turns giving each other a “picture.” Have the other person close their eyes, and direct their body and face in the direction of the “photo.”  When they are in position, say “open your eyes,” “click,” and “close your eyes.” 

  Gather together a collection of foods that are quite different in taste and texture, e.g.,  olives, crackers, cherry tomatoes, chocolate, cheese, peanut butter, raisens, lettuce, ice cream, celery, noodles, pickles, eggs, spicy potato chips, cookies.  Take turns blind-folding each other and slowly feeding bites of food.  Variation:  The person eating can see how quickly they can identify the food. 

  Make a fort out of the dining table using blankets and eat dinner inside, sitting on the floor.  Drink wine and light a candle if you are up to it. 

  Go to a thrift shop and buy hats you would not normally wear.  Wear them to dinner, whether at home or at a restaurant. 

  Go for a walk together in a park walking backwards.

  Fly a kite. 

  Go bowling and have the low score win. 

  Go to a body shop and smell scents together.  Choose something for each of you that you both like, such as bath soap or body lotion. 

  Look at a cookbook and find a new recipe to try.   Go shopping together to get the ingredients.   Come home, cook, and eat formally. 

  Get some large paper and crayons.  Take turns drawing around each others hands and feet on the paper. 

  Give each other a thorough, soapy wash in the shower or bath.  Go slowly, one at a time, and don’t speak at all. 

  Pretend you are little kids and have a bubble bath.  Bring straws to blow into the water and bath toys.   Play a pretend game with your toys. 

  Find and play for each other the music that you listened to in high school.  Describe to each other what you were like then and what you were thinking and feeling.  What did you wear and how was your hair?   What was a low point and a high point of those years? 

• Buy body paint and paint each other’s faces.  Keep the face on for an evening at home, including dinner together. 

  Read a bedtime story such as Winnie the Pooh, Dr. Seuss, or Rootabaga Stories.  One of you can be the little kid going to bed. 

  Get paper and crayons, play some music, and “draw” to the music.  Do this on separate paper or together.

  Go to the beach and build a sand castle.  Bring things you can use such as a spade, shovel, and forms for the sand (check a store in the toy section if you want).

  Take turns giving each other a face massage, with each person receiving by lying down on the bed or floor.

  Take fun books to read and go to a pretty place to read.

  Plant a few flowers, in the garden or in a pot.

  Get fresh ingredients and make smoothies.


Larger activities:

  Locate volunteer work you can do together and do it.  Settle on something you can commit to for the long term and make sure you put in at least 2 hours a week. 

• Go somewhere for lunch and take writing materials.  Write your own obituaries and read them to each other.

  Return together to where you first met or where you spent time together early in your relationship.   Talk about your memories.   Repeat something you did then.

  Do some research and compile your family trees.  Share with each other what you found, what it was like to compile, and how you feel.  Tell about any new information you learned about your family. 

  Go to a pretty place in the late afternoon/early evening and take pictures of each other.  (“golden hour” for photographers). 

  Take a class together about something neither knows anything about.   Pretend you don’t know each other but gradually get acquainted through the class.  Go out on dates after class and talk about it. 

  Take your clothes off and paint each other’s bodies. 

  Buy a book of poetry and read to each other every day at breakfast. 

  Get a novel you both want to read and take turns reading it aloud at night before bed. 

  Plant a small garden.  Have fun picking out the plants or seeds.

  Attend a fair and go on the ferris wheel and carousel.

  Find a roller coaster and go for a ride.

  Make a fire in an outdoor firepit somewhere and make s’mores (graham cracker, toasted marshmallows, and chocolate).

  Put baskets on your bicycles and do your grocery shopping by bicycle together.