A Conversation Menu for Getting Closer

Ever want to get better acquainted with someone but wonder what to talk about? If you want to be emotionally closer, it helps to share thoughts and feelings that are deeper than the usual daily chitchat. Here's a game you can play: take turns picking questions off this list and answering them. Feel free to add questions of your own. Enjoy. (click on title to open whole list)

Getting to know you. . . .
• Tell me about an important friend that you no longer have contact with.
• Share an emotional childhood memory.
• If you could choose one person as your dinner guest, whom would you choose?
• Where would you like to go in the world and stay for a year? Why?
• What is the hardest thing for you to do?
• What are you most proud of?
• What do you consider the greatest threat to your happiness?
• What are three things you like about your body?
• Explain why some people don’t get along with you.
• If you were to write a book, what would it be about?
• What would you like to accomplish this year?
• What book has had the most profound impact on your life?
• If you could add one more attribute to your personality, what would it be?
• If you could get away with it, what crime would you commit and why?
• What would you title your autobiography?
• If you could possess one super power, what would it be?
• Who are your two biggest heroes?
• What famous piece of art would you most like to hang in your home?
• What do you consider your most prized object?
• If you were forced to kill one person living today, at your discretion, who would it be?
• What is the nicest feature of the person with you?
• Of the people you are playing with, who has a quality that you are most envious of? What is that quality?
• What are the worst and best things you have ever witnessed?
• What is it like to live inside your head?
• What do you look forward to the most?
• Describe an ideal day.