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harmful religions

As a Christian Scientist, I find it ludicrous that Christian Science be labelled a harmful religion or grouped up with things like Scientology, Mormonism or Jehova's Witnesses which it has absolutely nothing to do with. Let me explain this by pointing out that Christian Scientists do not recruit. Neither do they proselytize. They do not try to force their beliefs on to anyone which is mostly what fundamentalists do. Christian Science is out there if you want to look into it or investigate it but no one is going to come knocking at your door to talk about it to you either. On the contrary to it being harmful it has been extremely helfpful to many people all over the world by helping them overcome any problems in their life be it illness or any other inharmonious situation they might be confronted with. People should investigate things more thoroughly before labelling them harmful or being a cult. I seriously don't believe that there are many people who are trying to exit Christian Science and if you seriously want to do that, well there is no one who's going to stop you. There is no brainwashing involved in it nor are you influenced in any way to stay in it when you don't want to. One of the biggest arguments against it is a handful of people who died because of not receiving medical attention but check any hospital records of how many people will die in a hospital in one given day. And the problem there is that people should not turn to Christian Science instead of doctors when they have not fully understood this science well enough to demonstrate it. It also does not forbid you to receive medical attention if that's what you feel is best for you and Mary Baker Eddy advocated this herself. That you should pray about a situation and then listen to what God is telling you. If you feel that you must see a doctor, well then by all means do that. Christian Scientists do not forbid you doing that. I truly cannot understand how it can be labelled a harmful religion but I can understand how Fundamentalism can be given that label.

Chris Stephanos


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