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Recovering from Religious Trauma Syndrome



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My friend, about three years ago I started on my journey to the road of recovery. After 37 years of calling myself a "christian" and being married for 40 years I have been labeled a heretic, a backslider and numerous other titles. Now all my so called "christian" friends can't wait to tie me to a stake for turning my back on god. I tried to them I haven't turned my back on my God. My God never had a beginning and will never end. My God rises every morning in the east and is a light bringer. My God brings warmth in the spring and causes mother earth to grow and flourish, so man can destroy her. MY God is the Universe and keeps the stars in order and has for countless millennia.

 Yes I get lonely, I get depressed, I get angry I had all those feeling when I was a Christian too? I miss a warm body to lie next too and fellowship to share my thoughts and values with. It got so difficult at first I planned my own demise and still think about it. When I get like that I go out and look at what my God has given me to enjoy. Then I can endure the world of a while longer.


My only friend wrote me and said he has the same thoughts about recovering from being a Christian and his family has turned on him too. I told him

Get over them bro. They are just feelings, residue of the lies you/we were fed from birth. You/we have seen the errors of your/our way and no matter what you/we do, you/we can't get rid of feelings or convince people of anything they are afraid to examine. Discovery must be found on the path we ourselves walk.

So who ever reads this my advise is don’t get depressed, think of it as freedom, true freedom. The system can take away our money, our lives our property but they can NEVER take away our spirit and freedom. If we die, we die free. 

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